How Raman Spectrometer Been Used On Biology Cell Research?

Published: Saturday, 20 December 2014

In order to analyze the state of the cells in details, one generally needs to analyze the characteristics of the protein and obtain the necessary information. However, understanding the cell state requires comprehensive information of the cell.  In the field of life sciences, the traditional way is through the disruption of a large number of cell capture from.

Today, by using a Raman spectrometer, without any special labeling, we can use the non-destructive methods, to observe the tiny changes inside the cell.

We can observe the levels of both the cytosol and nucleus in different cell-lines from mouse. Via Raman spectrum, we can obtain before and after induction of differentiation, tumor differentiation of neuroblastoma and adipocytes cells.

From the above application, we understand, when the researchers insert the Raman spectrometer into the PCA (Principal Component Analysis) process in a ESC Embryonic Stem Cell) research, the cell differentiation can be observed during the transition state, and one can establish the characteristics of the cell library.

Raman spectroscopy is a very good tool for life science research.

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