Advantages of QuEChERS Extraction Clean Method?

Published: Wednesday, 27 June 2018

QuEChERS, which is a sample preparation method towards to multiple pesticide residue analysis, for extraction and clean purpose. QuEChERS is now a popular procedure before GC-MS, LC-MS analysis. QuEChERS had been proved a high recovery rate, and low coefficient of variation in GC, HPLC analysis.

QuEChERS, is now a standard sample preparation method, which is defined by Taiwan FDA "Pesticide Residues Test Method - Multi Residue Analysis Method (V)" for the usage of extraction and cleaning of samples.

Compared to traditional methods, such as solvent exchange method, toluene dilution, or solid phase extraction, liquid-liquid extraction method, QuEChERS has the following advantages:

  • Minimum the usage of chemical solvents (environmentally friendly)
  • Non-labor-intensive process(only a few simple steps)
  • Fast
  • No chlorinated solvents included
  • Covering a wide range of pesticides