What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages of An UV-Vis Spectrophotometer?

Category: FAQ UV/VIS Spectroscopy Published: Friday, 31 July 2015

The Advantages of UV / Vis Spectrophotometer

The advantage of an Ultraviolet - Visible Light Spectrophotometer (UV-Vis spectrophotometer) is its quick analysis ability and easy to use. In astronomy research, an UV / Vis spectrophotometer helps the scientists to analyze the galaxies, neutron stars, and other celestial objects. A UV spectrum can provide rich information of the velocity and the elements of an astronomical object. In other industries, UV / Vis spectrophotometer also brought the high-tech spectral analysis possibilities.

For example, in the food industry, the quality and safety of foods are two most important factor for consumers. Lose these two conditions, may lose the profit or even lose the reputation in the business and lead to bankrupt finally. Thus, in addition to the general sense of food quality factors, such as color, appearance, smell, taste, an UV / Vis spectrophotometer can further assist the food supplier an instrumentation ways of analysis by chemistry, biology。And by the high standards of quality control and production processes to improve the shelf life of the foods as well as maintaining the safety.

Besides, in the field of forensic analysis, medicine, or pharmacy, due the advantage of fast, easy analysis ability, an UV-Vis spectrophotometer is also widely used in the researches.

The Disadvantages UV / Vis Spectrophotometer

The stray light of UV-Vis spectrophotometer that caused by the faulty equipment design and other factors could influence spectra measurement accuracy of the absorption in substance, because the stray light will decrease linearity range and reduce the absorbency of substance it measures. In addition, the electronic circuit design and the detector circuit quality of spectrometer will affect the amount of noise that is coupled into the measurement signal, thereby affecting the measurement accuracy and reduce the sensitivity of the instrument.

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