The Solutions of Fluid Adsorption in CO2 Adsorption Research

Published: Monday, 31 August 2015

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is popular research topic in the recent years. Since the mass usage of fossil fuels in power generation and industrial processes, in which caused a lot of carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere. It’s seriously affecting the stability of climate and results huge economic losses every year. With the development and implementation of relevant laws and regulations to limit greenhouse gas emissions, the researches on carbon capture and storage become a significant learning.

ACTTR Technology brought to you the world top class advanced adsorption analysis technology. No matter in calorimetry, Pressure-Composition-Temperature (PCT), Breakthrough Curve (BTC), Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA), or other thermal analysis methods, ACTTR is willing to help you to complete your important researches, experiments, and new product development works.

CO2 Sequestration

Calorimetry Related Technologies (SETARAM C80, HP Micro DSC, and DRC)

(1) SETARAM C80 micro-calorimeter

SETARAM micro calorimeter, with the three-dimensional Calvert heat flux sensors can detect a full range of sample thermal effects. Via a variety of sample cell unique design, it’s suitable for study multiphase mixed and reacted (gas-liquid, gas-solid, liquid-liquid, liquid-solid), especially for applications that require high pressure and pressure monitoring function response. Therefore, the application of CO2 capture and research and development of materials.

C80 micro-calorimeter

Case study: amine solution

Carbon dioxide capture by amine solution: Reacts main chemical adsorption process in the CO2 adsorbent, while adsorption saturation point can be drawn.

Fig2 CO2 sorption of amine solution

Case study: saline solution

Saline solution sorption of carbon dioxide: CO2 is the greenhouse effect of the acid source, deep sea storage is one of the program to reduce carbon dioxide, and how carbon dioxide gas dissolved in deep saline aquifers body of this subject is still in the exploratory stage. French SETARAM Instruments C80 calorimeter provides support scientific instruments for this study. Its controlled pressure up to 1000bar, the adsorption of carbon dioxide geological environment under simulated real experiments provides reliable data. The figure is under different pressures, saline solution to CO2 adsorption condition.

不同壓力下含鹽溶液對CO2 的吸附狀況
CO2 adsorption of saline solution under different pressures
樣品室 Sample Cell
Sample Cell


(2) SETARAM HP MicroDSC7 high-pressure micro-calorimeter

HP MICRODSC7 高壓微量熱儀與加壓控制器
HP MicroDSCC 7 high pressure micro calorimeter and pressure controller

To meet the requirements of customers by a wider temperature range and high-pressure research, SETARAM Instrumentation developed a special high-pressure micro-calorimeter, which provides the exclusive technical support and decomposition studies for hydrate formation of analog gases (CO2 and CH4). Comprehensive utilization of carbon dioxide, the use of high-pressure micro-calorimeter can build gas hydrate formation and decomposition kinetics theory thermodynamic models.

Case study: CO2 hydrate formation and decomposition

To determine the thermodynamic conditions for the formation of gas hydrates in water by measuring the temperature and pressure changes in the process, as shown in the study of CO2 under high pressure formation thermodynamics.

CO2 hydrate formation and decomposition under temperature and pressure changes

(3) SETARAM DRC Differential Reaction Calorimeter

Most of CCS researches are based on gas-liquid or gas-solid adsorption System. So, the specific development of this kind of reaction calorimeter system, ensures the research of CCS technology. Differential scanning calorimetry technique provides the of adsorption process of CO2 at atmospheric pressure.

DRC Differential Reaction Calorimeter

DRC is based on a constant temperature of the two reaction vessels, which is a quick, easy, and convenient calorimetry tool.

Case study: research of various heat of adsorption of amine solution

The figure is a variety of hot amine solution containing adsorption comparison:

Heat adsorption of amine solution

Thermal Analysis Related Technologies (SETSYS and SENSYS)

(1) SETARAM SETSYS High Temperature Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer

SETARAM SETSYS high temperature synchronization thermal analyzer provides a wide temperature range, as well as a number of unique advanced features and accessories, in particular, can be tested in the corrosive atmosphere of water vapor and can meet the demanding requirements of different customers. Of course, SETSYS can be used in the adsorption of different materials and measure the adsorption properties of CO2.

SETSYS 高溫同步熱分析儀
SETSYS high temperature simultaneous thermal analyzer

Case Study: aminated solid adsorbent

By thermal gravimetric method for the solid amine CO2 adsorption-desorption properties of the sorbent material for analysis, while the corresponding catches available CO2. The following figure is the use of pressure swing adsorption technology, the solid amine CO2 adsorbents were studied:

Desorption properties of aminated solid adsorbent

(2) SETARAM SENSYS High Pressure Adsorption Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer

SENSYS TG-DSC has the most accurate, the absolute calibration of the three-dimensional Calvert DSC sensor, and fully symmetrical photoelectric balance, also can work under pressure and atmosphere conditions, in which will not affect the baseline stability and measurement sensitivity. In addition, the advanced gas adsorption capabilities accept the corrosive gas and water vapor.

TG-DSC high pressure adsorption simultaneous thermal analyzer

Case study: research CO2 absorption and desorption properties of the material

High sensitivity DSC and full symmetric balance SENSYS ideal for adsorption of CO2, while associated with a number of analytical methods usage (including BET, FTIR, MS, fluorescence, the humidity meter and gas adsorption, etc.). The figure is the study of the adsorption properties of hydrophilic amine polymer under certain humidity:

Adsorption of aminated hydrophilic polymer

Volumetric Adsorption Related Technologies (PCTPro)

(1) PCTPro High Pressure Gas Adsorption Analyzer

Since the acquisition of an US company, HyEnergy, SETARAM started the business in the new energy field. By the rapid development of the company, and the continuous expanding of gas adsorption improvements in recent years, today, SETARAM provides a powerful, easy-to-use gas adsorption workstation in the market. It can measure the high pressure adsorption of various gases, such as H2, N2, CO2, CH4, CO, NH3, etc. And the measurement range of the mass can be from mg to kg, while the temperature measurement range from -260 ℃ to 500 ℃; at the same time, can also be connected to a high pressure mass spectrometry, in order to analyze the escaping gas; or connects to a simultaneous thermal analyzer for on-line analysis of gas adsorption in the entire process.

PCTPro high pressure gas adsorption analyzer

Case Study: CO2 capture studies of porous materials

Sieverts principles based design on high performance gas sorption platform, which is a porous material (activated carbon, MOFs organic metal compounds framework, carbon nanotubes, thin film), provides the related researched of CO2 adsorption technology. The design of automatic control program can provide sample preparation, gas adsorption PCT test, adsorption kinetics test, and the adsorption kinetics loop test.

The figure is the study of zeolite of CO2 capture:

CO2 capture capability of zeolite under different pressures

Case Study: research of CO2 sequestration by coal

CO2 underground storage is one of the solution of the storage in abandoned coal seams, the study of the adsorption capacity of the CO2 becomes a necessary choice.

The figure showed the CO2 volumetric adsorption capacity of pulverized coal:

煤粉對 CO2 的吸附體積
CO2 adsorption volume of pulverized coal

(2) PCTPro High Pressure Gas Adsorption Analyzer Combines with A Calorimeter

The R&D experience of thermal analysis in SETARAM, achieves the combination of PCTPro high pressure gas adsorption analyzer and C80 calorimeter (measure the reaction heat and gas adsorption capacity), to solve the difficulties of the on-line measurement under high-pressure gas sorption. This solution expends the research of high pressure gas adsorption analyzer and provided the unique instrument for the related applications.

PCTPro high pressure gas adsorption analyzer combined with a C80 calorimeter

Case Study: MOFs materials for CO2 capture

Organometallic compounds such as porous framework materials: zeolites, activated carbon, which have superior absorption properties for. The figure is the high pressure gas adsorption analyzer (for quantitative measurement of gas adsorption & desorption) combined with a calorimetry (measuring the reaction of enthalpy variation) for the study of MOFs for CO2 adsorption:

The curve of pressure versus time